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O/S : Linux

NAME   -   Script executed at system shutdown (if SADMIN service is enable - see

  • The system shutdown script is located in the $SADMIN/sys directory.
  • You can customize this file to your own need, it will never be modify by future update.
  • You could have a different file for each of your servers or use the same for all your servers.
    By inserting your hostname in the 'case statement' you can use the same on all your servers.
  • This script will be executed at system shutdown only if the SADMIN service is activated (" -e").
Example of

$ cat $SADMIN/sys/
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#   Author:     Jacques Duplessis
#   Title:
#   Date:       25 October 2015
#   Synopsis:   This script is run when the sadmin.service is shutdown when server goes down.
#               Called by /etc/systemd/system/sadmin.service (systemd) or /etc/init.d/sadmin (SysV)
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Version 2.2 - Log Enhancement
# Version 2.3 - Restructure to use the SADM Library and Send email on execution.
# Version 2.4 - Add sleep of 5 sec. at the end, to allow completion of sending email before shutdown
# Version 2.5 - Added code to run shutdown command based on Hostname
# 2017_08_05    V2.6 Send email only on Execution Error
# 2018_01_31    V2.7 Added execution of /etc/profile.d/ to have SADMIN Env. Var. Defined
#@2018_09_19    V2.8 Added Alert Group Utilisation
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
trap 'sadm_stop 0; exit 0' 2                                            # INTERCEPTE LE ^C
#set -x 

#               Setup SADMIN Global Variables and Load SADMIN Shell Library
    # Test if 'SADMIN' environment variable is defined
    if [ -z "$SADMIN" ]                                 # If SADMIN Environment Var. is not define
        then echo "Please set 'SADMIN' Environment Variable to the install directory." 
             exit 1                                     # Exit to Shell with Error

    # Test if 'SADMIN' Shell Library is readable 
    if [ ! -r "$SADMIN/lib/" ]            # SADM Shell Library not readable
        then echo "SADMIN Library can't be located"     # Without it, it won't work 
             exit 1                                     # Exit to Shell with Error

    # CHANGE THESE VARIABLES TO YOUR NEEDS - They influence execution of SADMIN standard library.
    export SADM_VER='2.8'                               # Current Script Version
    export SADM_LOG_TYPE="B"                            # Writelog goes to [S]creen [L]ogFile [B]oth
    export SADM_LOG_APPEND="Y"                          # Append Existing Log or Create New One
    export SADM_LOG_HEADER="Y"                          # Show/Generate Script Header
    export SADM_LOG_FOOTER="Y"                          # Show/Generate Script Footer 
    export SADM_MULTIPLE_EXEC="N"                       # Allow running multiple copy at same time ?
    export SADM_USE_RCH="Y"                             # Generate Entry in Result Code History file

    # DON'T CHANGE THESE VARIABLES - They are used to pass information to SADMIN Standard Library.
    export SADM_PN=${0##*/}                             # Current Script name
    export SADM_INST=`echo "$SADM_PN" |cut -d'.' -f1`   # Current Script name, without the extension
    export SADM_TPID="$$"                               # Current Script PID
    export SADM_EXIT_CODE=0                             # Current Script Exit Return Code
    . ${SADMIN}/lib/                      # Load SADMIN Shell Standard Library
    # Default Value for these Global variables are defined in $SADMIN/cfg/sadmin.cfg file.
    # But they can be overriden here on a per script basis.
    #export SADM_ALERT_TYPE=1                           # 0=None 1=AlertOnErr 2=AlertOnOK 3=Allways
    #export SADM_ALERT_GROUP="default"                  # AlertGroup Used to Alert (alert_group.cfg)
    #export SADM_MAIL_ADDR=""      # Email to send log (To Override sadmin.cfg)
    #export SADM_MAX_LOGLINE=1000                       # When Script End Trim log file to 1000 Lines
    #export SADM_MAX_RCLINE=125                         # When Script End Trim rch file to 125 Lines
    #export SADM_SSH_CMD="${SADM_SSH} -qnp ${SADM_SSH_PORT} " # SSH Command to Access Server 

# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#                                   This Script environment variables
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
DEBUG_LEVEL=0                               ; export DEBUG_LEVEL        # 0=NoDebug Higher=+Verbose

# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#                                S c r i p t    M a i n     P r o c e s s
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    sadm_writelog "*** Running SADM System Shutdown Script on $(sadm_get_fqdn)  ***"
    sadm_writelog " "

    # Special Operation for some particular System
    sadm_writelog " "
    sadm_writelog "Shutdown procedure for $SADM_HOSTNAME"
    case "$SADM_HOSTNAME" in
        "nomad" )       sadm_writelog "  Stop SysInfo Web Server"
                        /myapp/bin/ >> $SADM_LOG 2>&1
                *)      sadm_writelog "  No particular procedure needed for $SADM_HOSTNAME"

    sadm_writelog " "
    return 0                                                            # Return Default return code

# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# 	                          	S T A R T   O F   M A I N    P R O G R A M
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    sadm_start                                                          # Init Env Dir & RC/Log File
    if ! [ $(id -u) -eq 0 ]                                             # If Cur. user is not root 
        then sadm_writelog "Script can only be run by the 'root' user"  # Advise User Message
             sadm_writelog "Process aborted"                            # Abort advise message
             sadm_stop 1                                                # Close and Trim Log
             exit 1                                                     # Exit To O/S
    main_process                                                        # Main Process
    SADM_EXIT_CODE=$?                                                   # Save Process Exit Code
    sadm_stop $SADM_EXIT_CODE                                           # Upd. RCH File & Trim Log
    exit $SADM_EXIT_CODE                                                # Exit With Global Err (0/1)


Written by Jacques Duplessis (


  • Copyright © 2018 Free Software Foundation, Inc. License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later
  • This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
  • There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

    •    (System startup script)
    •        (Activate/De-activate system startup/shutdown script execution).
    • Script use for the SADMIN service itself are ;
      • For InitV SADMIN use file '$SADMIN/cfg/.sadmin.rc'.
      • For Systemd SADMIN use file '$SADMIN/cfg/.sadmin.service'.

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