Using the SADM Administration Menu

  • To start the System Administrator Menu (sadm), just type the following command ;
    $ sudo sadm

This is the System ADMinistrator main menu ('sadm'), for the moment we have three items in the menu, but others will be added.
This tool is available from the terminal and is very simple to use.
As an example, we will use the "Filesystem Tools", so enter '1' and press [ENTER].

RPM Package Tools Menu Debian Package Tools Menu

  • To create a filesystem, enter '1' and press [ENTER].
  • You need to enter all the information needed to create the filesystem.
  • For example, in order to specify the size of the filesystem to create, press '3' and [ENTER], specify the MB desired and press [ENTER].
  • When all information is entered, press 'P' to proceed with the creation.
  • You will be asked to confirm you choice and then the filesystem will be created.
All the step performed to create and deliver a healthy (even after reboot) filesystem to the user
are display on the screen. If there were to be an error, it will be displayed and the process will be aborted.
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