Remove client from SADMIN

Removing a client from SADMIN is a simple process, we describe the process below.

The deletion process does basically three things :
  • Delete the system from SADMIN database.
  • Compress all the system information collected so far into a single file (hostname.tgz).
  • It finally delete the selected system directory ($SADMIN/www/dat/{hostname}) from the server.

Delete a system from SADMIN using the web interface

  • To delete a server from SADMIN inventory, click on "Server" in the "CRUD Operations" ([C]reate [R]ead [U]pdate [D]elete) section at the bottom left of the page.

  • You will be directed to a page that list all your actual SADMIN clients.
  • To delete a server from SADMIN inventory, simply press the "Delete" button at far right of the selected server.

  • The page below will then appear and you need to press the "Delete" button.

  • A final confirmation will be asked before starting the deletion procedure.

As soon as the confirmation is done, the server is deleted SADMIN.

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