Quick Start Guide

Create your own script using SADMIN library

To create your own script using the SADMIN tools, you may want to take a look at the templates, run them and view their code.
See our tutorial page on using the shell template

By looking at the output you will notice that we get almost the same look, this is what we wanted, standardize the usage and the output. The Shell and the Python library have almost the same functions and both react the same way.
For example, to create your own shell script :
  • cp $SADMIN/bin/sadm_template.sh $SADMIN/usr/bin/newscript.sh
modify it to your need, run it and see the results.

Learn how to use SADMIN Libraries by running the demos

Use SADMIN wrapper and run your existing using the SADMIN tools

  • $SADMIN/bin/sadm_wrapper.sh $SADMIN/usr/bin/yourscript.sh

Use the Web Interface to administrate your server farm

The Web interface is available at http://sadmin.YourDomainName or http://YourSadminServerName

This is it, you are now ready the use the SADMIN tool.

SADMIN Support

If you ever ran into problem while installing or running the SADMIN tools, please run the 'sadm_support_request.sh', attach the resulting log to an email with a description of your problem or question and sent to support@sadmin.ca. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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