SADMIN Python library - function ‘trimfile’

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Updated: 2022-09-15
Function used to trim a file to the desired number of lines.


Trim the file received to the number of lines indicated in the second parameter.
    - If 2nd parameter 'nlines' is omitted a value of 500 is use.
    - If 2nd parameter 'nlines' is specified and is 0, then no trim is done on the file.
    filename (str)  :   Full path of the file to trim.
    nlines (int)    :   Keep the last "nlines" lines of the file.
                        No trim is done if nlines equal 0.
    returncode (int):   0 When command executed with success 
                        1 When error occurred (Permission Error)


    if ((log_footer) and (max_logline != 0)) : 
        trimfile (log_file,max_logline)                    # Trim the Script Log

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