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Explanation of the SADMIN section

Global variable used by the SADMIN shell library

Available for you to use

Variable Name Description
SADM_PN=${0##*/} Current Script filename(with extension)
SADM_INST=echo "$SADM_PN" |cut -d'.' -f1 Current Script filename(without extension)
SADM_TPID=”$$” Current Script Process ID.
SADM_HOSTNAME=hostname -s Current Host name without Domain Name
SADM_OS_TYPE=uname -s | tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]' Operating System Type in uppercase LINUX,AIX,DARWIN,SUNOS

Global variables you can change and that affect library behavior

Variable Name Description Example of return value
$SADM_VER Your script Version Number 3.20
$SADM_PN Script Name
$SADM_INST Script Name Without Extension sadmlib_std_demo
$SADM_USERNAME Contain the current user name root
$SADM_TPID Current Process ID 27933
$SADM_MULTIPLE_EXEC Allow running multiple copy [Y/N] Y
$SADM_USE_RCH Generate entry in ‘*.rch’ file N
$SADM_LOG_TYPE Set Output to [S]creen [L]og [B]oth B
$SADM_LOG_APPEND Append to Log=Y, Create new log=N N
$SADM_LOG_HEADER Generate Header in log [Y,N] N
$SADM_LOG_FOOTER Generate or not Footer in log [Y/N] N
$SADM_EXIT_CODE Current value of script exit code 0

SADMIN Standard library functions

Function Call Description Return value example      
$(sadm_get_release) Return the SADMIN Release Number (XX.XX) 1.2.9      
$(sadm_get_ostype) Return the OS type in uppercase (LINUX,AIX,DARWIN) LINUX      
$(sadm_get_osversion) Return the O/S version (Ex: 7.2, 6.5) 7.9.2009      
$(sadm_get_osmajorversion) Return the O/S major version (Ex 7, 6) 7      
$(sadm_get_osminorversion) Return the O/S minor version (Ex 2, 3) 9      
$(sadm_get_osname) Return the O/S name in uppercase (REDHAT,CENTOS,UBUNTU,…) CENTOS      
$(sadm_get_oscodename) Return the O/S project code name focal      
$(sadm_get_kernel_version) Return the O/S kernel version 5.4.0-58-generic      
$(sadm_get_kernel_bitmode) Return the O/S kernel bit mode (32 or 64) 64      
$(sadm_get_hostname) Return the current host name imac      
$(sadm_get_host_ip) Return the current host IP address      
$(sadm_get_domainname) Return the current host domain name      
$(sadm_get_fqdn) Return fully qualified domain host name      
$(sadm_get_epoch_time) Return the current epoch time 1609808693      
$(sadm_epoch_to_date 1609808693) Convert epoch time to date 2021.01.4 20:04:53      
$(sadm_date_to_epoch “$WDATE”) Convert Date to epoch time (WDATE=’2021.01.4 20:04:53’) 1609808693      
$(sadm_elapse “2016.01.30 10:00:4’ ‘2016.01.30 10:00:03’) Elapse Time between two timestamps 00:00:41      
$(sadm_get_packagetype) Get package type (rpm,deb,aix,dmg) of current host deb      
$(sadm_server_type) Host is Physical or Virtual (P/V) P      
$(sadm_server_model) Server model (Ex: HP ProLiant DL580) iMac12,2      
$(sadm_server_serial) Server serial number (Ex: 4S7GYF1) Not      
$(sadm_server_memory) Server total memory in MB (Ex: 3790) 11959      
$(sadm_server_hardware_bitmode) CPU Hardware capable of 32/64 bits 64      
$(sadm_server_nb_logical_cpu) Number of Logical CPU on server 4      
$(sadm_server_nb_cpu) Number of Physical CPU on server 1      
$(sadm_server_arch) System Architecture x86_64      
$(sadm_server_nb_socket) Number of socket on server 1      
$(sadm_server_core_per_socket) Number of Core per Socket 4      
$(sadm_server_thread_per_core) Number of Thread per Core 1      
$(sadm_server_cpu_speed) Server CPU Speed in MHz 2093      
$(sadm_server_disks) Disks list(MB) (DISKNAME|SIZE,…) sda|1024000      
$(sadm_server_vg) VG list(MB) (VGNAME SIZE USED FREE)  
$(sadm_server_ips) Network IP(Name IP Netmask MAC) enp2s0|||c8:2a:14:3b:59:a1
$(sadm_tolower “Linux”) Return string in uppercase LINUX      
$(sadm_tolower “LINUX”) Return string in lowercase linux      
$(sadm_capitalize “LINUX”) Return string capitalize (1st Char. in uppercase & rest in lower) Linux      
$(sadm_get_release) Return SADMIN release number (XX.XX) 1.2.9