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The system information file ($SADMIN/dat/dr/$hostname_sysinfo.txt) have two purposes :

  • It’s used as an input file to the ‘’ script to keep the server information up to date in the SADMIN database.
  • It also can be use in case of a disaster recovery to rebuild the server, along with all the other files included in the disaster recovery directory ($SADMIN/dat/dr).


hostname_sysinfo.txt - System information file

Posted 2021-05-30 - Updated 2021-06-02
Supported on Linux, Aix, MacOS


This text file is generated automatically every night on all clients by ‘’, which is part of the “” script. The information contained in it, is used to update the server inventory information within the SADMIN database. This file contain key information about the server, the main IP address, the memory, the disks, the running O/S, it version, and all kind of useful information. You can also execute ‘’ whenever you want, without problem.

Use the ‘hostname_sysinfo.txt’ file to update database
The script ‘’ read this ‘sysinfo file’ and update the appropriate server information in the SADMIN database. information in the database. This update take place automatically early every morning on the SADMIN server. This script is executed as part of the ‘’ script. You can also execute ‘’ whenever you want, without problem.


# cat $SADMIN/dat/dr/rhel8_sysinfo.txt

# Nam of Cie - SysInfo Report File v3.24 - Wed Jun  2 23:24:58 EDT 2021
# # This file is use by '' to update the SADMIN database.
SADM_OS_TYPE                          = LINUX
SADM_UPDATE_DATE                      = 2021-06-02 23:24:58
SADM_HOSTNAME                         = rhel8
SADM_DOMAINNAME                       =
SADM_HOST_IP                          =
SADM_SERVER_TYPE [V]irtual [P]hysical = V
SADM_OS_VERSION                       = 8.4
SADM_OS_MAJOR_VERSION                 = 8
SADM_OS_NAME                          = REDHAT
SADM_OS_CODE_NAME                     = Ootpa
SADM_KERNEL_VERSION                   = 4.18.0-305.el8.x86_64
SADM_KERNEL_BITMODE (32 or 64)        = 64
SADM_SERVER_MODEL                     = VIRTUALBOX
SADM_SERVER_SERIAL                    =  
SADM_SERVER_MEMORY (in MB)            = 1817
SADM_SERVER_NB_CPU                    = 1
SADM_SERVER_CPU_SPEED (in MHz)        = 2766
SADM_SERVER_ARCH                      = x86_64
SADM_SERVER_NB_SOCKET                 = 1
SADM_SERVER_IPS                       = enp0s3|||08:00:27:de:a5:0d
SADM_SERVER_DISKS (Size in MB)        = sda|27443
SADM_SERVER_VG(s) (Size in MB)        = rhel_rhel8|24576|19456|5120
SADM_OSUPDATE_DATE                    = 2021.05.31 05:30:27
SADM_OSUPDATE_STATUS                  = S
SADM_ROOT_DIRECTORY                   = /opt/sadmin
SADM_REAR_VERSION                     = 2.6
[root@rhel8 dr]# 

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sadmin.cfg - SADMIN main configuration file - Clients housekeeping and producing system information files - Collect & process data produced by all actives clients - Take data collected from clients and update database - Collect hardware & software information about the system