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$SADMIN/bin/srch ( - v1.18
Posted 2021-04-09 - Updated 2021-05-05
Supported on Linux, Aix (Server only)


srch ( - Show Result History files (.rch) from all systems.
The alias command “srch” can be use instead of


    srch ( [-v] [-h] [-d 0-9] [-s server-name] [-p] [-w] [-m]  
Can only be run on SADMIN Server.


Show the actual status of every scripts of all your systems. The information presented by this scripts, is collected from all your servers every 5 minutes by the “” script. The running script (if any) are presented first, followed by the script(s) that ended with error and finally the script that ended with success, sorted by descending date and time. This command can be executed only on the SADMIN server.


# srch

Show RCH Main Screen

Example of the RCH Summary Report for a specific server

# srch -s raspi6

Show RCH for one server

Example to watch the RCH Summary Report first page in real time (Refresh every 60 seconds)

# srch -w
Watch RCH in real time

View the RCH Summary Report without stopping at each page (nopage).

# srch -p
List RCH without stopping at each page

Send a mail of the RCH Summary Report so to email address specify in $SADMIN/cfg/sadmin.cfg.

# srch -m
Mail Today and yesterday RCH Report

Example of email sent Mail Sent


Options Description
[ -d 0-9 ] Set debug level from 0 to 9 (Default is 0)
[ -h ] Display this help and exit.
[ -v ] Output version information and exit.
-s [Server] Show the RCH Summary Report for the server specified.
-m Send the RCH Summary Report to SysAdmin email.
-w Watch the RCH Summary Report in real time (Updated every 60 Sec.).
-p Show the RCH Summary Report without paging.


  • The “$SADMIN” environment variable must be defined and contains the root directory of the SADMIN tools (normally /opt/sadmin). It should be already done, the setup script have updated the ‘/etc/profile.d/’ and the ‘/etc/environment’ files.
  • The SADMIN configuration file, is needed and loaded in memory at the beginning of every scripts. This file should already exist and contains your SADMIN configuration and preference setting.
  • For Shell script the Shell Library is used and for Python script the Python Library is used.


Exit Code Description
0 An exit status of zero indicates success.
1 Failure is indicated by a nonzero value, typically ‘1’.


Jacques Duplessis
Any suggestions or bug report can be submitted at the support page

Copyright © 2022 Free Software Foundation, Inc. License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later
This is free software, you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY to the extent permitted by law.


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