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This is the default alert group definition file.

# SADMIN Alert Group file definition  v 2.3
# This file is use when an Error or a Warning is detected by SADM System Monitor or 
# when a script need to send an Alert. The scripts (Shell and Python) and SADMIN 
# System Monitor sent alert to an alert group defined in this file.
# - If the Alert Group file ($SADMIN/cfg/alert_group.cfg) file doesn't exist then it's 
#   created from the default Alert Group file ($SADMIN/cfg/.alert_group.cfg).
# - Blank line or line beginning with a pound sign (#) are ignored.
# - Field delimiter is a space.
# - Each Alert Group Name MUST be unique and cannot contain spaces.
# - Alert Group name is use in the SysMon (hostname.smon) config file to designated 
#   who to alert.
# - Alert Group name MUST be unique within this file and can used up to 15 
#   characters (No Space).
#   - You specify the Alert Group by changing the line(s) below in the SADMIN
#     section at the beginning of your script.
#     Shell Script :
#         export SADM_ALERT_TYPE=3        # 0=NoAlert 1=OnlyOnError 2=OnlyOnSucces 3=Always
#         export SADM_ALERT_GROUP="default" # AlertGroup name for Alert (alert_group.cfg)
#     Python Script :
#       st.cfg_alert_type   = 1         # 0=NoAlert 1=OnlyOnError 2=OnlyOnSucces 3=Always
#       st.cfg_alert_group  = "default" # AlertGroup name for Alert (alert_group.cfg)
#    - You specify the Alert Group you want to use for System Monitor Warning in 
#      column J and for Error in column K. In the example below, we use alerting 
#      group 'sdevops' for Warning and 'sprod' for Error.
#    - Example of a ping test in line a hostname.smon of a client.
# Column 1            2 3  4  5  6    7   8   9 A B C D E F G    H       I     J     K    L
# 0 = 01 00 000 0000 0000 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 00000000 0000 sdevops sprod -
#    - If Alert group used in SysMon configuration don't exist in this file, the default 
#       group ('default') is use.
#   - This column can have the values a 'm', 't' and a 's' (Lowercase/Uppercase allowed)
#   - If it contain other value then 'm' is assumed.
#   - This column specify the alert group type :
#       - 'm' Specify a Mail Group.
#       - 's' Specify a Slack Group .
#             For now only one slack channel can be use per group (change will come)
#       - 't' Specify a SMS (Texto) Group.
#   - For Alert of type 'm' (Email) :
#       - Email address(es) corresponding to the mail group in column one.
#       - If you specify more than one email address, they must be separated by a comma.
#   - For Alert of type 's' (Slack) :
#       - Slack Channel defined in SADMIN Slack Channel File.
#       - Channel name used MUST be define in the Slack Channel file (alert_slack.cfg).
#       - For now only one slack channel can be use per group (change will come)
#   - For Alert of type 't' (Texto, SMS) :
#       - Third column is use to group cellular number together to form an alert Group.
#         If more than one is specified, they must be separated by a comma.
# The 'default' Alert Group MUST always exist and MUST refer to Email, Slack, Texto group
#default             t   sms_network
default             m  e_sysadmin
#default             s    sprod

# Email Alert Group
e_sysadmin          m
e_webteam           m,

# SMS (Texto) Alert Group, members are Cellular name
sms_sysadmin        t   cell_support
sms_network         t   cell_support,cell_telecom
sms_emergency       t   cell_support,cell_telecom,cell_custsup

# Cellular number of individual (Use only in SMS alert group)
cell_support        c   5147577206
cell_telecom        c   5147560069
cell_custsup        c   4507570068
cell_support_1      c   4187779302
cell_support_2      c   5147779303

# Slack Alert Group
# 3th column is the channel name defined in Slack Alert file (alert_slack.cfg).
sdev                s   sadm_dev
sprod               s   sadm_prod
sinfo               s   sadm_info
sdevops             s   sadm_devops

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