Monitoring daemon (process)

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Posted 2021-06-26 - Updated 2021-07-05
Supported on Linux, Aix, MacOS

Daemon running

  • Line MUST begin with “daemon_”, followed by the process name (found in a “ps -ef”).
  • The function search to the specify “name” is present in the process list (ps) of the system and the search is case sensitive.
  • This test only search for the string following the “daemon_” literal in the process list and return the number of time it was found. If it’s not found then a “0” is returned, like the code below that search for the “gitea” process.
$ ps -ef | grep gitea | grep -v grep 
git        501     1  4 Jun25 ?        07:10:09 /home/git/gitea/gitea web
$ echo $(ps -ef | grep gitea | grep -v grep | wc -l)

So here if the “gitea” process counted is “0”, then it’s lower (< col 3) than “1” (col 5) then the script “” would be executed.

  • Important to remember that after each execution of the script the execution counter (Col 6) is incremented by 1 and that each time the process is found in the process list it is set back to “0”.
  • It would be not be reasonable to try to restart the process over and over each time System Monitor run. So once it as tried to restart it two times, it won’t try to restart it again for the next 24 hours and an alert is generated. How does System Monitor achieve that you would ask, well each time the script is run the date and time of the execution is recorded in column “H” and “I”. So when the third tries to run the script, the System Monitor calculate the time since the last execution and if it’s greater than 24 hours, then counter (col 6) is set to one, column “H” and “I” set to current date and time, and execution of the script is started.
# ----- Monitor Daemon or Process Running 
# ID COLUMN 1  2  3  4  5   6  7    8   9 A B C D E F G     H     I      J       K    L
daemon_gitea   1  < 00 01 000 0000 0000 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 20180820 1520 default default -
or to restart it with your own script (
daemon_gitea   1  < 00 01 000 0000 0000 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 20180820 1520 default default

If you decide to execute a script if the System Monitor can find “gitea” in the process list (like above), your script MUST be place it the directory “$SADMIN/usr/mon”. You make a copy of the template available to you “” and create the associated error message file you want to show the user when your script failed to restart the process.

$ cd $SADMIN/usr/mon
$ cp 
$ echo "Couldn't restart gitea process (" > gitea.txt
$ vi 
$ chmod +x

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