Monitoring Multipath

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Posted 2021-06-26 - Updated 2021-07-05
Supported on Linux, Aix, MacOS

Multipath test

  • Again if the minimum conditions are met, then multipath state is evaluated. If not we proceed with the next line of Sysmon configuration file.
  • Multipath line are only evaluated on Linux.
  • Line will only be evaluated if the command ‘multipathd’ is present on system.
  • SysMon check each path of the multipath
    • If all multipath are active or ready then a “1” is returned (place in column 2).
    • If one one them is not “active” or “ready”, a value of 0 is returned.
# ----- Check Linux Multipath Status (0=Error 1=All path(s) are Online/Ready)
# ID COLUMN 1    2  3   4   5  6    7    8  9 A B C D E F G     H      I     J      K    L
check_multipath  0 !=  00  01 000 0000 0000 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 00000000 0000 warngrp errgrp -

In the example above, the multipath test returned a problem (“0” in column 2), since “0” is not equal (!=) to “1” (Column 5) then an error is generated (Remember that when column 4 or 5 is “0” they are ignored). The alert will sent to the error group “errgrp” specify in column “K”. This error group got to be part of the Alert Group File ($SADMIN/cfg/alert_group.cfg).

Example on the command use to verify that multipath are all active/ready :

# echo 'show paths' | multipathd -k | grep -vi multipath
   0:0:0:0 sda 8:0   1   [active][ready] XX........ 4/20
   0:0:0:1 sdb 8:16  1   [active][ready] XX........ 4/20
   1:0:0:0 sdc 8:32  1   [active][ready] XXXX...... 8/20
   1:0:0:1 sdd 8:48  1   [active][ready] XXXX...... 8/20

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